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Linear Drains - Linear drain systems are available in multiple lengths and styles and can be site sizeable.  Linear drain systems eliminate the traditional center drain that requires pitching the floor in four directions, allowing you to pitch your surface in one direction resulting in no limitation on tile size or slab material.  By pitching a floor in one direction, the possibilities are infinite. 

  • No limitation on tile size or slab material
  • Can be placed as threshold or curb
  • Meets ADA requirements for handicap shower entry
  • No boundaries on design because of drain location
  • Outlet can be located anywhere on channel length
  • Drains water more efficiently

Curbless Showers - Almost every shower you see has a 6-inch step at the entrance. Most people never think about it. But if you're looking to create a streamlined bathroom, that curb will stand out. And if you're a wheelchair user, that small obstacle may just as well be a "Do Not Enter" sign.  Not all bathrooms can accommodate a curbless shower, but looking into this design is worth the effort.  A curbless shower is a subtle touch that creates a seamless look and broadcasts the amount of thought that went into a bath design.